Autumn course 2018

6 Lectures by Alice Foster M.A

American Art in the 20th Century 

The century began with American artists marginalised by American patrons who preferred to collect art from Europe.  What followed was a distinct mix of diverse creativity:  realist painting, abstract painting, "high art", "popular art".  This series covers the cultural pluralism that characterises American art, from Childe Hassam to Pollock and Warhol.

Dates for our next course in Autumn 2018 are from Monday 5th November 2018 for six weeks, ending Monday 10th December.

Alices’s suggested list of topics, but at the moment it is an outline. 

Lecture 1: The Gilded Age

Lecture 2: American Art of Everyday Life

Lecture 3: Avant-garde and Experimentation

Lecture 4: The Inter-War Years

Lecture 5: Abstract Expressionism

Lecture 6: Pop Art

Barbara H Haskell, American Century, pub. Whitney MoAA. It is a huge book and covers everything, so only for the very devoted.
Erika Doss, American Art in the Twentieth Century, pub. Oxford History of Art. If out of print it should be available on Amazon.
Edward Lucie Smith, American Realisim, pub. Thames and Hudson. Excellent but as the title indicates, only covers Realism.

Paintings: Edward Hopper Nighthawks 1942

George Wesley Bellows 1882-1925,
1912 Men of the Docks

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