Scotish Art

Nineteenth century Scotland was the most Romantic country in Europe, mostly due to Walter Scott’s novels. During this time “The Scottish School” of art took form. However, histories of British art rather overlooked Scottish achievements until the twentieth century when modern developments in Glasgow and Edinburgh were among Europe’s most progressive. The course explores lesser known Scottish artists, and sets a context for the more familiar movements. Scotland tends to be under appreciated in terms of Art. This series will uncover a rich seam of artistic activity in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.

To be held at Malvern Theatre's Hospitality Rooms,

from 13.30 to 15.45 pm

Term fee: £70.00 per person

Please contact Fiona at to reserve your place.

1. Henry Raeburn, The Reverend Walker Skating
2. Joan Eardley, Winter Day, Catterline

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