“The Art of Partying”
A Feast for the Eyes

From Greek Mosaics in the second century, through weddings in the Bible, Renaissance allegories of refinement and excess, sixteenth century peasant parties out of doors, eighteenth century harlequins, to the celebratory styles of twentieth century painters, the depiction of parties has always been popular in the history of Western Art.

Alice Foster traces the variety of merrymaking, banqueting, dances and music in a feast of colour.

Alice is giving us the opportunity of a one-off NADFAS talk called 
“The Art of Partying”            
The talk will take place in the Hospitality Room of the Malvern Theatre on Tuesday afternoon 30th May 2017 beginning at 1.45pm.

This talk will be open to our members and their friends.  As we will be limited to the numbers we are allowed to have in the room it is advisable to book your place with me as soon as you can. The cost of the talk will be £12.00 per person. I hope you can join us for this entertaining afternoon.  I look forward to hearing from you. Email or call Fiona frdean12@gmail.com (01531 890249)

Comments from two people attending the class:

'I never realised such a theme as partying could be found in so many different guises throughout the whole history of art.'
'It has been such fun, and informative.'

Bruegel the Elder, The Peasant Dance c1568

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