“Know your Place”
Seven illustrated lectures by Alice Foster M.A

Spring Term 2016
Monday 11th January to 29th February
(no class on Mon 22nd Feb)
Mondays 2-4 pm
at the Hospitality Room, Malvern Theatres.
Course cost £50.00.

“Know Your Place”
A short series where we consider the places that inspired artists and the work they made. "Some travel widely, like Piero della Francesca who travelled in Italy but always returned to his native Umbria”.
L.S. Lowry never felt the need to paint anywhere other than his local Manchester, encouraged by a Frenchman, Adolphe Valette. George Bellows charted the growth of modern New York at the turn of the twentieth century. For John Piper, we need to look at “places” because the whole of England inspired him while for Stanley Spencer, Cookham was the centre of the universe. St Ives provided everything that Alfred Wallis needed and he inspired others to work in his style. And finally....Paris. Paris has always been a magnet for artists, whether it is in the rural suburbs, or in the hubbub of the city centre.

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“Alice researches the topics so thoroughly it is a joy to participate, I have learnt so much. It has enhanced what I learnt at Art school, I shall keep coming. BP”

Piero della Francesca:  "Adoration of the True Wood"  from the fresco cycle at Arezzo, 1450s
Edward Hopper:  "Nighthawks" 1942
Adolphe Valette:  "Hansom Cab, All Saints Sq, Manchester" 1911

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