Dates: Mondays 2-4 pm from 30 September 2013 to 9 December 2013
(No class Monday 11 November)

"Impressionism" began as a pejorative jibe against a group of unknown artists who were determined to shape a new art form that would identify modern life in 19
th century Paris. It was an art form wholly misunderstood by the then arbiters of taste. Today, French Impressionism is either much loved, or dismissed as passe but it has an important role within the traditions of the history of western art. Claude Monet and his friends were fearless in their determination to bring art "into the modern world" and would not compromise their style in any way. New subject matter, new technology, new painting techniques were very much the order of the day. Rejected by the established art world, the young painters met frequently in the cafes of Monmartre to hone their ideas and to encourage each other to submit their works to the French Salon, knowing they would be rejected. Our legacy is an art form that concerns itself with the social and political changes that were taking place at the time and the beginning of the Modern period in art.

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